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We Care

We Care members keep track of Old North’s homebound members. We also assist others during times of temporary need.

We attempt to keep Homebound members connected to Old North even when they are unable to get to church on a regular basis. Each Sunday one of our members writes a note about what happened that morning at church or about other events during the past week. These notes are mailed to each homebound member along with a copy of the Weekly Messenger.

Four times a year each homebound member is visited by one of us or someone else from the church. Twice a year gifts prepared by the youth group are delivered.  Other times cookies or flowers are taken. We encourage any member of the congregation to help. Our homebound members like to see a variety of faces! We also provide some rides for members who need a ride to church. This ministry is limited by the number of members who are able to offer this assistance. Of course we encourage extra visits, cards, or phone calls whenever possible.

Our other ministry is to assist any member of the congregation who needs a little extra attention. This might be due to an illness, new baby, or death in the family. We prepare and deliver a lot of home cooked meals. Again, we call on other members of the congregation to help with this. We also rely on everyone to let the office know of needs.

If you would like to help with any of the above needs contact Dianne at the office.

MEETINGS:  4th Tuesday of the month at 4:00pm in the Narthex.